Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program

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The Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program provides financial assistance and helps to fund the preservation of open spaces, sensitive ecological areas, and stream corridors.  Special emphasis was given to projects that:

  • Protect habitat for rare, threatened or endangered species
  • Preserve high quality wetlands and other scarce natural resources
  • Preserve streamside forests, natural stream channels, functioning floodplains, and other natural features of Ohio’s waterways
  • Support comprehensive open space planning
  • Secure easements to protect stream corridors, which may be planted with trees or vegetation to help reduce erosion and fertilizer/pesticide runoff
  • Enhance eco-tourism and economic development related to outdoor recreation in economically challenged areas
  • Provide pedestrian or bicycle passageways between natural areas and preserves
  • Reduce or eliminate nonnative, invasive plant and animal species
  • Provide safe areas for fishing, hunting and trapping in a manner that provides a balanced eco-system

Program Website:
Contact:  Ohio Public Works
Main Phone: 614.466.0880
Director and Program Administrator:  Linda Baliff 614.644.1823