Agency:  Natural Resources Conservation Service

Program Summary:

The Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) is a competitive grant program developed to fund innovate conservation approaches and technology that address natural resource concerns in conjunction with agricultural production.  CIG uses Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) funds to award competitive grants to non-Federal governmental or nongovernmental organizations, American Indian Tribes, or individuals. Producers involved in CIG funded projects must be EQIP eligible.

CIG enables the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to work with other public and private entities to accelerate technology transfer and adoption of promising technologies and approaches to address some of the nation’s most pressing natural resource concerns. CIG will benefit agricultural producers by providing more options for environmental enhancement and compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.
CIG can benefit pollinators by minimizing their exposure to pesticides and increasing forage availability.



    Who Is Eligible?

     Participant Responsibilities:

    Applicants must complete and file all application and eligibility paperwork as required. Applicants approved for funding must sign an CIG contract and implement the planned conservation practices to NRCS standards and specifications as scheduled. Starting a conservation practice in an CIG contract before final written contract approval renders that practice ineligible for CIG assistance unless NRCS granted a written waiver.



    • Clermont/Brown Counties: District Conservationist 513.732.2191 ext 102
    • Highland County:  Resource Conservationist 937.393.1922
    • Clinton County:  District Conservationist 937.382.2461


    •  Assistant State Conservationist for Natural Resources 644.255.2502  

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